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"The Local Bike Shop - Ann Arbor is your downtown bike resource. We love to ride bikes, talk bikes, work on bikes, and occasionally just hang out."



Who We Are

We're a full-service bike shop in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. We sell a wide variety of road, triathlon, mountain, and cyclocross. All of the products that we sell have at least one commonality - quality. We don't carry anything we wouldn't ride.

We scour the earth for the latest and greatest cycling products with tireless zealotry in order to bring you products that truly enhance the ride experience. To that end, every employee of the shop is a dedicated cyclist who has mastered at least one discipline and is a student of all of them.

We don't employ salespeople. We're all mechanics here, which is why we have the opinions that we do. We've ridden and worked on just about everything. Our advice comes from personal experience, not from the marketing department.

We want to help you have the best bicycling experience possible.

We don’t employ salespeople. We’re all mechanics here.
Our advice comes from personal experience, not from the marketing department.

Brad, Co-Owner

Brad was on the University of Michigan Cycling Team, completed an Ironman in Switzerland, and now regularly finds himself up to his elbows in bike grease at the shop. His current ride is the Focus Mares AX built up for the dirt roads.


Matt grew up in Colorado. The son of a bike mechanic, he's had an interest in bikes since before he could speak. He enjoys the simplicity of commuting on two wheels and has over 6,000 miles on his All-City Macho Man Disc to show for it.


Sam is a Michigan triathlete. He's passionate about cycling and running, and likes nice bikes. When he's not in the shop, you're most likely to find him on his Foundry Overland or training on his Colnago K-ZERO.


We're fully stocked to handle everything from minor repairs and adjustments to a complete overhaul of your bike. 

Services offered: bike repair and maintenance, complete bikes, custom bike builds, custom wheel building, shoes and pedals, apparel and rider's gear, accessories (lights, pumps, etc.), small parts (tubes, tires, etc.), and bike fittings.

Please stop by the shop for a free estimate. We can also be reached by phone (734) 214-9700 and email to schedule an appointment or answer questions. We'd love to help!


New Bikes

We're proud to offer a complete selection from the following brands and more. Check out our featured models below or stop by the shop for a test ride!

All of the products that we sell have at least one commonality - quality. We don’t carry anything we wouldn’t ride.


"BMC stands for Bike Manufacturing Company and that’s what we do best.

We make bikes, pure and simple. We are hell-bent on creating that ultimate ride experience. Whether for road, track, or trail, professional athlete or weekend warrior, it is our mission to produce the best bike in every class. We conduct our own research and development in-house at the BMC Impec Lab in Switzerland, and we use the findings to create unique, cutting edge, proprietary cycling technologies that continue to be what make BMC bikes stand out from the crowd."


"For more than two decades the goal at Cervélo has been simple: Design and engineer the world’s fastest bikes. Whether you’re a Grand Tour racer, Ironman champion, age-grouper or Saturday morning enthusiast, we know you demand the best in order to achieve your personal best – and we’re passionate about helping you get there."

Detroit Bikes

"Our mission is to encourage cycling by making an accessible, enjoyable bicycle while continuing Detroit’s legacy of quality manufacturing and design.

Detroit Bikes are built in a city with manufacturing prowess and deep traditions of bicycle production, touring, recreational riding, commuting, and racing.

Each of our bikes are cut, coped, bent, welded, painted, assembled and packaged in our factory in west Detroit."


"All Focus products are born of a passion motivated by the love of the sport. Everyone involved in the creation of the Focus range is inspired by the pursuit of the finest in cycling technology.

In order to meet the performance criteria that let top-flight cyclists reach the top of their game, Focus is intent on embracing and developing cutting-edge innovation to empower our riders.

Our quest for perfection in Focus products is embodied in the phrase ‘German Engineered’. Every member of the Focus development staff strives towards the exacting standards behind this philosophy.

Passion. Performance. Perfection. At the core of everything we do."


"We believe in the spirit of competition. We believe that racing clubs are keeping competitive cycling alive in America. We plan to be right there with them—supporting athletes, teams, events, and the competitive cycling community at large. We’ve made it our goal to improve the way people think about bicycle racing."


"Our product philosophy is pretty simple. We build bikes we want to ride.

The inspiration for our designs come from a variety of sources - the race circuit,the trail, the proverbial light going off in our head, but what is heralded at Yeti above everything else is the ride. It’s really the only thing that matters. Our ride-focused mentality allows us to look at a broader range of technologies when creating our bikes. While other companies are locked into certain suspension designs or a certain look, we are unencumbered by such constraints. We use the technology that is best for the application and, in doing so, can create bikes that ride differently."

Gear and Apparel

We stock an expertly curated selection of cycling gear, accessories, and apparel. If we don't have an item in stock, we'll be happy to order it for you.


Happy Customers

When we unite someone with a new bike, sometimes we like to memorialize that moment with a picture to look back on later, because everyone has a story.  If we happen to have missed yours, do let us know and we will happily correct the matter.


We love hearing from our customers! Check out our feedback on Yelp and Google.


"What a wonderful shop with a fantastic owner! As a former bike mechanic myself, this is the shop I'll be using from here on out."

-B. P., Iowa City, IA via Yelp


"Yes!  A reliable, affordable, knowledgeable bike place downtown.  I could not be happier with Transition Rack."

-Jessica R., Washington, DC via Yelp


"Transition Rack is the place TO GO if you need any help with your bike no matter the type, age, or condition."


Andrew K., San Francisco, CA via Yelp


"Brad and crew at Transition Rack are the best. Any business that offers such a high level of customer service is to be commended however Brad really took it to the next level."

Chris P., Ann Arbor, MI via Google reviews



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217 South 4th Ave
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(734) 214-9700

We're fully stocked to handle everything from minor repairs and adjustments to complete bike overhauls. We repair all brands!

We also offer new complete bikes, shoes, pedals, apparel, accessories (lights, pumps, etc.), small parts (tubes, tires, etc.), and bike fittings. 

Please stop by the shop for a free estimate or contact us to schedule an appointment. We'd love to help!